Sandra and Melvin are friends who have worked together over the past ten years in the FinTech industry. They have gained much knowledge and expertise and have recently decided to join forces and start a company. Due to the nature of their work, they agreed that they would need to hire some freelance developers to ensure that they give quality service, at least for the early phase of their business. For this, they agreed that it might be necessary to obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect their trade secrets. 


Sandra and Melvin wanted to speak to a lawyer to establish shareholder and employment agreements. They enquired about consultation and quickly realized that legal fees would easily set them back on their already limited budget. This discouraged Sandra and Melvin as it meant that they had to slow down their plan to get their business started.  


Luckily, in search for legal advice, Sandra and Melvin attended a business webinar where they discovered Contracts4Biz, a platform with a range of curated agreements carefully drafted by lawyers for businesses. As a result, Sandra and Melvin could quickly access a shareholder agreement and many other contracts, such as employment contracts, which they required for their developers, for a fraction of the price that a private attorney charges. 


Sandra and Melvin were happy to have been able to save on their budget and still get a Shareholder’s Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreements for their new business. Download your Shareholder’s Agreement and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement on Contracts4Biz today!