Pro Tips -Ensure Your Website T&Cs and Privacy Policy Are Up To Date

E-commerce and online businesses as a whole has boomed especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. There has also been a lot of developments in the privacy laws and data protection space. Businesses should therefore regulate online interactions with clients in order to comply with the latest regulation and best practice as well as to enhance the efficiencies of the relationships they have with customers.

A valuable website privacy policy should contain:

Clear and Transparent Information: A good South African website privacy policy should provide clear and concise information about the types of personal data that will be collected from users, how it will be used, and who it may be shared with. The policy should be written in plain language that is easily understood by the average user, avoiding complex legal jargon.

Compliance with Data Protection Laws: The privacy policy should demonstrate compliance with South Africa’s data protection laws, particularly the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). It should outline the rights of users regarding their personal data, such as the right to access, rectify, and delete their information. Additionally, the policy should explain the security measures in place to protect user data from unauthorized access or breaches.

User Consent and Opt-out Options: A good privacy policy should clearly state how user consent for data collection and processing is obtained, whether through explicit consent mechanisms, such as checkboxes, or implied consent based on the user’s use of the website. The policy should also provide clear instructions on how users can opt-out of certain data collection practices or unsubscribe from any marketing communications they receive. Users should have control over their data and be informed about their options in a transparent manner.

This session will empower you with a clear understanding of the nature of a solid website terms and privacy policy to comply with POPIA and GDPR. We unpack its contents in plain language, identify potential pitfalls to watch out for and share the latest best practice.


Not only will attendees from this session have the knowledge to implement terms and conditions that best regulate their interactions with clients, complaints and returns in addition to ensuring that data is safe, but will also receive a professionally drafted complimentary Website T&Cs and Privacy Policy from Contracts4Biz. Attendees also become part of the support network at SchoemanLaw Inc with access to a free 10-minute consultation with one of their expert attorneys.

Who should attend? Busy tech entrepreneurs and decision-makers wishing to expand their businesses online without the associated risk of non-compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

Every online business or website needs solid legal footing to thrive and protect both its users and its interests. Our workshop is your essential guide to creating comprehensive and legally compliant documentation that governs your online presence.

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