Independent Contractor Agreement

Emily owned a company which specialised in document restoration. Her company specialised in restoring old physical documents back to readable quality.

One of the services that Emily’s company offered was the storage and archiving of the physical documents for her clients once restoration was complete. As Emily’s company grew the requirements for storing and archiving the documents became larger and more expensive.

Emily starting weighing her options. Emily considered employing new people to assist with some of the hands-on requirements but this did not solve some of the other issues, including shortage of space and increasing storage costs.

Emily also had to consider, that most of these documents were intended for long-term storage as her client’s relied upon digital copies once the documents were restored.

During some online research, Emily came across the social media page of a business which specialised in the storage and archiving of documents. The business was owned by Mark. Emily decided to get into contact with Mark who confirmed to her that he would be able to store her Client’s document while maintaining the same degree of care and confidentiality that she would. Emily was impressed but concerned of the risks.

Emily considered drawing up an independent contractor agreement as this would be perfect to set out the business terms between Mark and herself. She would not be employing Mark but he would be able to provide a service to her while still servicing his other clients. There would be no exclusivity between them. She would also call on Mark when she had work, as many freelancers do. Mark was more than happy to commit to the arrangement as an independent contractor. You can download your Independent Contractor Agreement on Contracts4Biz today!

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