Sandra and Andile have just started their Fintech company. Sandra and Andile published job ads to recruit some developers to optimise their growth and maintain client satisfaction. They considered their budget limited and agreed that they would hire staff members on a fixed-term basis, allowing them to further their productivity and service quality. Even though prospective employees would be employed on a fixed-term basis, Sandra and Andile were committed to ensuring that each employee would enjoy the experience of working with them.

Sandra and Andile found three developers they want to employ: Katlego, Christina and Amanda. To employ them and to ensure that each party’s interest was safeguarded, Sandra and Andile approached an attorney and requested a quote. They enquired about consultation and quickly realized that legal fees would easily set them back on their already limited budget. This discouraged Sandra and Andile as it meant they had to slow down their plan to grow their business in the way they hoped.

Luckily, in search for legal advice, Sandra and Andile attended a business webinar where they discovered Contracts4Biz, a platform with a range of curated agreements carefully drafted by lawyers for businesses. Sandra and Andile visited the website, registered an account and quickly accessed personalized fixed-term employment agreements for Katlego, Christina and Amanda. They were so pleased that they were able to obtain the documents for a fraction of the price that a private attorney charges.

Fast-forward a month into having employed Katlego, Christina and Amanda, Sandra and Andile realized that Christina was having many issues with her performance. They had given her two warnings and needed to give her a final warning letter.

On the other hand, Amanda requested a certificate of service as she was applying for a Master’s Program at her University and asked for supporting documents confirming her work history. Sandra and Andile obliged the request. Thankfully, Sandra could log into Contracts4Biz once again and obtain the relevant contracts, curated by attorneys, for Katlego and Amanda while not having to break the bank.

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