Sarah was a single mother working as an administrator for one of the largest financial firms in South Africa. In her spare time Sarah made scented candles, as a hobby but this quickly developed into something that she was truly passionate about.

Sarah started off making the candles as gifts for family and friends, but as her passion grew so did her creativity. She began experimenting with various colour schemes and even started playing around with various fragrances and aromas. After a few months Sarah became so talented she was able to develop personalised candles, specifically matching your favourite smells.

Many people approached Sarah with praise for her incredible ability to capture a person’s entire essence in a simple scent, which made Sarah consider starting her own business of producing and selling the candles. She was just concerned that she had no experience in sales or any knowledge of the market.

Her attorney Thomas introduced her to Marcus, a sales representative working in the hospitality industry. Marcus has years of experience and knows the market for scented candles extremely well. Thomas’ thought that Marcus could assist Sarah with growing her business. After sampling one of Sarah’s candles, Marcus fell in love with the product believed that more people should be able to experience the therapeutic effects of Sarah’s scented candles.

Sarah and Marcus enter into an Agency agreement and as an agent Marcus sold and promoted Sarah’s candles in exchange for a commission. This arrangement was perfect for Sarah because the product still went from Sarah to the customer and the contractual relationship existed between them. With the assistance of Marcus, the business became so successful that she was able to do it full time and have more time with her children.

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