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Residential Lease Agreement
Disciplinary Hearing Pack
Retrenchment Pack
Terms and Conditions of Sale of Agreement
Notice of Suspension (Paid)
Distribution Agreement
Employee Certificate of Service
Desertion Diary and Notice of Desertion
Written Warning
Non Disclosure Agreement
Director Resolution Accepting a Director Resignation
Supplier Agreement
Generic Human Resource Policies (Generic HR Policy)
Fixed Term Employment Contract
Offer to Purchase Fixed Property Sectional Title
Shareholders Agreement
Offer to Purchase Fixed Property Freehold
Final Written Warning (6 or 12 Months)
Notices of Summary Dismissal
Information Technology and Data Security Policy
Director Service Level Agreement
Indefinite Employment Contract
Governamce Rules and Board Policy
Director Resolution to Authorise Making a Distribution
Shareholders Special Resolution Approval of Directors Fee
Commercial Lease Agreement
Joing Venture Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Shareholders Ordinary Resolution Removal of Director
Poor Work Performance Pack
QSE BBBEE Affidavit (General)
Agency Agreement
EME BBBEE Afidavit (General)
Loan Agreement
Short Time Pack (Alternative to Retrenchment)
Acknowledgement of Debt
Letter Demanding Payment
Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
Notice of Unpaid Suspension (as an Alternative to Dismissal)
Memorandum of Incorporation
Human Resources COVID-19 Safety Policy
Staff Loan Agreement)
PAIA Manual (POPIA compliant)


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